Mission: Test Pack …….. Status: Accomplished

Today we officially accomplished our test pack…..

It was almost as comical as packing our storage unit. To give you an idea of what we are bringing we laid everything out nicely and took an inventory. This shows all our camping and clothing gear, as well as, our food supply for the next five days. We will restock the food once we get to Penticton.

It’s hard to see in this picture but we each have two side bags, one front bar bag each, a camel back bag each, and a few small frame bags. All of this stuff had to fit into them or it was going  to be left behind.

Now, we are avid cyclist and we do go bike camping a lot so we have practice at the jigsaw puzzle that is packing our bags with a lot of stuff but this is about double the amount we’d typically take. The reason being is that we have to bring clothing to suit all-weather possibilities. For example, I’ve packed my down vest and wool sweater, as well as, long john’s and a toque. But I’ve also packed my bikini and flip-flops. We have to be ready for all-weather because the top of the Rockies will still have the chilly breeze from the snow pact and the weather in late October could be nasty too. Yet riding through Ontario and Manitoba in August could be extremely hot and humid.

We were able to get everything packed and even go for a small ride while we were at it. The pack took  about an hour and a half to get everything to fit just right and the ride took about half an hour as well. Here are some pictures for what our bikes will look like for the next four months and possibly ten thousand kilometres! I know you’re all secretly jealous :).  Marcel got the approval from his doctor today that his shoulder is well enough to begin the ride! YAY!

As always. your donations are greatly appreciated and in less than thirty-six hours we will be on the road and making memories! http://my.e2rm.com/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=1421264&langPref=en-CA

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2 thoughts on “Mission: Test Pack …….. Status: Accomplished

  1. Laura

    Crazy what you fit! Best of luck over the next few days and we’ll see you in Penticton!!!!

  2. lol I dont get where the cooler with the beer goes?!? is there a trailer that wasn’t in the pic or something?! Good luck dude!

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